Single and ready to mingle?  Perhaps some Chinese New Year Tao Hua Luck can help with your love endeavours.

Tao hua, 桃花, is peach blossom and it is a flower/plant/tree seen everywhere during Chinese New Year as it is the symbol of romance luck and you can certainly purchase it at any Chinese New Year Night Fair (年宵).

Of course, for the auspicious Chinese, Tao Hua Luck is based on Feng Shui principles and once the Tao Hua Luck is “activated”, the feng shui masters says that the person in question will be irresistible to the opposite sex.  Think, single eligible men or women falling from the sky and landing  right in front of your feet, completely head over heels with you and uninjured from the journey, of course.  WHO DOESN’T WANT THAT?!?!

So find out how to “get lucky” this year!


So let’s face it, if you’re reading about the Tao Hua Luck for the first time on this blog, it means you’re not that terribly into Feng Shui and its principles, but you are slightly curious to this Tao Hua Luck.

So if you’re like me, and the above is the case, then activation of the Tao Hua Luck is very simple.  The hardest part is finding a Tao Hua tree.  Once you see a pretty one, you just need to make your 3 rounds around the tree clockwise.   As an aside, peach and cherry blossoms look very similar so don’t walk around the wrong tree unless you want people to point and laugh at you =D.

Fear not, the shopping cart dance moves and jazz hands are optional, but since the building security guards already think I’m nutso, I didn’t want to disappoint them into doing anything that would represent normalcy.

TADAH!  Your Tao Hua Luck is now activated.  Time to revel in your newly acquired irresistibility.  It’s even easier than Tinder eh? (By the way, if you want to see how Tinder in HK is, I have a post on that too, just click here).


If you want to delve further into this Tao Hua Luck thing, then I can scratch the surface for you; however anything more in-depth, you’re gonna have to consult your local Feng Shui master.

The Tao Hua Luck is not always good, and depending on your zodiac animal, each year, your internal Tao Hua Luck increases/decreases.  ie.  If your zodiac has strong Tao Hua Luck that particular year, then you’ll still be pretty darn sex-fabulous, albeit not having activated the Tao Hua Luck yourself.

Depending on your relationship status, you might not always want the Tao Hua Luck as it can lead to the Tao Hua Knot or Kill.  There are 3 categories.

Tao Hua Yun (Tao Hua Luck)

This is the positive one that we’ve been discussing.  For the single ladies and gents that are looking for a serious relationship, Tao Hua Luck will exponentially enhance your appeal and attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Tao Hua Jie (Tao Hua Knot)

This is when you have Tao Hua Luck due to your zodiac and year, BUT you’re already married or in a relationship.  This is troublesome though not detrimental but can potentially lead to a Tao Hua Kill. Increased temptation may lead to love affairs and marital problems, and that’s never fun is it?     

Tao Hua Sha (Tao Hua  Kill)

Think Gone Girl gone even more horrendous.  Tao Hua Kill is the extension of the Tao Hua Knot but the severity of the consequence is psychopathically much worse.  This is for circumstances such someone murdering of a lover over love issues, etc.


The Feng Shui principles have it that to ward off Tao Hua Jie and Tao Hua Kill, you will need to neutralize it with an assortment of things based on your zodiac sign and your earth, water, fire, wind sign.  It includes putting objects of significance in different directions and moving your bed to another direction, etc.  To be honest, it’s a bit over my head at this point…  I just wanted to walk around the tao hua tree to be frank.

However, If you’re interested, here are my sources for further reading:



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