Check out our previous post on the most haunted places in Hong Kong here, if you haven’t done so yet. Now, let’s continue on the Halloween Special Series… Something a little more real and to reality – let’s look at the most famous and gruesome murders in Hong Kong… The stuff Halloween dreams are made of right?

I’ve put it in the order from least to most gruesome (this is my own personal ranking).


Henry Chau kills parents in Hong Kong.

One of the fridges that held one of the severed heads…

Henry Chau who is now currently 31, killed his parents in March 2013, after 6 months of plotting and scheming. He researched information about missing people and blood-taking methods as early as Oct 2012 and when he bought his supplies and equipment, he did it methodically and in a strategic manner to avoid suspicion from others. His motive? He blamed his parents for everything. He blamed his dad for having the TV on too loud, which made it hard for him to study during his school years. He blamed his mom for humiliating him in front of the girl he liked when he was 24; hence he was unable to get a girlfriend. He told his friend,Tse Chun-kei, about his desires to commit suicide; however, Tse inspired Chau to think about killing his own parents instead.

The plot was simple – Chau told his parents that he was going to move in with Tse and asked his parents to help him clean up the flat, which was in Tai Kok Tsui. Chau then led his parents to the empty flat and killed both his parents there. Chau even kept up appearances, and when his brother became worried about his parent’s disappearance, they appeared together in a video appealing to the public for help.

Chau’s parents were also dismembered; some parts were thrown into the sea and other parts were in tupperware in the flat. And the heads? Both heads were found in the fridge in the flat, apparently laid on a towel, with the eyes half opened. Forensic officials have said that the body parts have been microwaved, cooked and salted… That was done to lessen the smell – it was likened to blanching meat before you cook the meat for Chinese soup. Eww… Chau said that if he hadn’t been caught, he and Tse would move to Mainland China and work as a duo, raping and murdering prostitutes… Chau actually wasn’t caught, he was actually himself that told his relatives (in person) and friends (WhatsApp group) of his crimes.


Hello Kitty Murder in Hong Kong.

The Hello Kitty Mermaid with the human head inside…

Yes, there is really such a crime as a Hello Kitty Murder in Hong Kong. There were 3 people convicted for manslaughter, but not for murder because none of them actually intended to kill her. Instead she endured having to drink pee, eat poo, burned by cigarette butts, etc… for a whole month. YES, SHE ENDURED A MONTH OF TORTURE!

The victim was Fan Man-Yee, and she was a night club hostess. She met this guy named Chan Man-Lok, who was a regular at the brothel she worked at. She stole money from his wallet, a sum of around $4000, but she ended up paying it back and the $10, 000 she had apparently accrued in interest, but still Chan wanted more.

With $16, 000 more owing in interest, Fan was kidnapped by Chan back to their “den”, which is a flat located in Tsim Sha Tsui. She was initially supposed to work for them until she could repay off her debts, but as they had abused her badly, no one wanted her services; therefore, they (Chan and his two accomplices) escorted to just using her as their own personal “toy”. In this “den”, the men would play video games and get massively drugged up. The amount of torture that she had to endure was just horrendous, from being hit with bare hands to being hit with metals rods, to being burned, smearing different items into her wounds, forcing her to consume different substances, being tied up and suspended from the ceiling by electrical cords. Due to the beatings and torture, she succumbed to her death.

After her death, they dismembered her in the bathtub and boiled down her different body parts to lessen the smell. It was said that they were boiling her body parts in one pot, whilst the other adjacent to it was being used to make instant noodles. The same chopsticks were used for stirring both pots…

It’s nicknamed the Hello Kitty murders because the curtains in the flat were Hello Kitty and they also placed her head (stripped of all flesh) into a huge Hello Kitty doll. The only reason why the police were tipped off on this murder was because Chan’s girlfriend, 14 at the time, was present at this flat the entire time, and she went to a social worker to report that she had nightmares regarding this incident.

Since a lot of Fan’s body parts were disposed of, only her head, tooth and some internal organs were found in the flat. After this murder case, they abolished the building in 2012, but it once stood at 31 Granville Road in Tsim Sha Tsui.

This murder rocked Hong Kong and there was much public interest; as a result, Human Pork Chop (烹屍之喪盡天良) and There is a Secret in my Soup were released in 2001 as movies about this murder.


The Jars Killer in Hong Kong.

Recovering the body of one of the victims…

Lam Kor-Wan is Hong Kong’s first known serial killer. Lam was a taxi driver, and he worked the night shift… He would then kill his female passengers in the taxi, and then hide it under the sofa in his flat, which he shared with his parents and brother, until they left for work. Then in the bedroom he shared with his brother, he would go on to dismember the bodies.

Lam was also nicknamed “The Rainy Weather Butcher” as a few of his killings happened during a night of inclement weather. He’s mostly known as “The Jars Murderer” because he kept the internal organs of his victims in different tupperware containers in his room. Lam would then stuff the bodies into rice bags and discard them via his taxi but the bodies were all later recovered.

Lam’s brother and family never knew or suspected, even though the flat and bedroom was very tiny… Lam loved pornography and photography and he took photos and/or videos of all his victims, including himself performing necrophilia on his fourth victim. All the porn and photos were hidden within the confines of his tiny shared bedroom.

And Lam got ousted due to his love for photography.  He took a roll of film to be developed and it was the photo technician that spotted something suspicious in the roll of film. The technician saw a severed breast and therefore reported it to the police. By the time Lam had come back to retrieve his developed photos, the police was waiting for him at the shop.

This murder has also been made into a movie, called Dr. Lamb released in 1992.



Rurik Jutting in Hong Kong.

Forensics and authorities inspecting the flat & suitcase on the balcony…

The most recent murderer that has really garnered a lot of media attention in Hong Kong as of late is Rurik Jutting. He is a Cambridge graduate, and a former trader for Bank of America Merrill Lynch and was arrested for the murder of two Indonesian women. He himself was the one that called the police and when they arrived to his flat at Wan Chai, they found two dead bodies, with one of the women crammed into a suitcase, which was out on the balcony. Rurik said he was heavily addicted to cocaine at the time and was consuming an equivalent of 3 uncut grams a day.

The trial is currently in progress at the moment (at the time of publishing this) and it is said that there is a 20 minute graphic video of him torturing the victims that was shown to the jurors.


The Untold Story Movie.

BBQ pork buns anyone?

My friends tell me that clowns scare them because they watched IT, the movie, when they were little. I tell them I’m scared that there are real human remains in my BBQ Pork Bun because of a movie I watched when I was younger. It’s called The Eight Immortals Restaurant: The Untold Story. The movie is based loosely on a real murder case that happens in Macau and it involves the murder of a family that owns a restaurant. Due to the face that not all the limbs and body parts have been recovered of the victims, it has been inferred that the rest of the human remains were placed into BBQ pork buns that were sold to customers.

Regardless, this movie gave me a couple of sleepless nights back in the days back in 1993…

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