Chinese ghosts on the mtr in hk.  thesmoodiaries.com

Photo received anon.

The Chinese “Ghost” or “Spirit” month is actually in July.  BUT Halloween in Hong Kong still means there are a ton of things you can do!  Like what you say?  Read on!


There’s not much pumpkin patch-ing, and jack o’lantern making going on…  Let’s face it.  Most of us don’t have cars so no one is hauling a pumpkin back home through the MTRs and we all live in apartments (except for the rich 1%), so there’s no porch to show off jack…

mandarin oranges with jack'o lantern faces for halloween in hk.  thesmoodiaries.com

How about Jack the mandarin orange instead?

Also expect less Halloween baked goods to appear in the office… You know the place where the oven is supposed to be?  Ya know, the space under the stove?  That’s where the washing machine is, so not a lot of people have a conventional oven to bake goodies…

But there are some cool events you can check out during October!  


HAUNTED HALLOWEEN 2014 ($340 HKD over the age of 6):

Disneyland in HK for Halloween.  thesmoodiaries.com

Creepy Disney…

Disneyland in HK for Halloween.  thesmoodiaries.comHaunted Halloween 2014 will be available on October 2, and Fridays to Sundays from October 3-31, 2014, with extended Park Hours to 11:00pm.

Night Ticket allowing you to have access to all shows and attractions including haunted new creations just for Haunted Halloween are also available!

Website here for more details.


HALLOWEEN FEAST 2014 ($320 HKD Adults, $160 HKD for ages 3-11)

Halloween in Hk with girl posing with a Chinese style ghost

Ocean Park Halloween 2013

Each year, their Halloween bash is themed!  Last year, it was based on a veteran Chinese horror movie actress, “Lao Lan”.  And for 2014, it’s a Doreamon themed Halloween feast!

I went last year and long queues for all the haunted houses!

Halloween in HK with girl posing with a Chinese style clown. thesmoodiaries.com

Ocean Park Halloween 2013

In my opinion, I would say that Ocean Park is slightly more for the Chinese group, whereas Disneyland takes a more neutral stance.  Ocean Park had some Chinese themed ghosts and goblins… probably ones you’ve not seen unless you’re into Chinese horror movies and stories.

Halloween in Hk with girl posing with a Chinese ghost.  thesmoodiaries.com

Ocean Park Halloween 2013

NOTE: I’ve heard that Ocean Park is suppose to host some of the scariest haunted houses, but recently has had to tame them because the neighbours were complaining of the constant screaming…

Website here for more details.



FRIGHT DOME HONG KONG @ THE PEAK ($299 HKD for a standard pass)

It’s NEW and it boasts to be the scariest Halloween experience ever.  They’re heavily promoting and I would say, it’s more towards the older, young adult crowd since it’s suppose to be “very scary” (aka, not child friendly).

I’ve just gone, and it is quite scary, BUT there were only 2 haunted houses.   We paid for the Fast Pass ($399HKD) and there was no line up, so really, a waste to pay extra for the Fast Pass, but it’s definitely the scariest experience in HK.

Event goes from Sept 26 to Nov 2, 2014.

Website here for more details.


Ocean Park with Fast Pass.  For the price that you pay, and for the amount of haunted houses that you get, Ocean Park is most likely your best value venue.


Trick o’ Treat!

If you have a little kiddie… then you can go trick or treat-ing!  It’s a little different in HK.  If you live in an apartment estate (aka, there’s like 10 towers within one estate name), they will hold a Halloween trick or treating event for the younglings.

Or you can head to the mall, and the shops will give out candy, but since most of us live in high rises, there’s no need to turn off all your lights because no one will knock on your door.

Watch a horror movie!

Some peeps will go and watch a horror movie, and that’s their Halloween night!  There will be a variety of horror movies to chose from so don’t worry, the selection is aplenty.

Hit up LKF

Girl with cat whiskers posing with masked man at Halloween in HK during clubbing. thesmoodiaries.com

Clubbing at Prive for Halloween 2012…

For the party-goers!  LKF is the place to be.  You can even have a party on the street because the street will be jam packed!  I went to LKF on my first Halloween in HK, and somehow managed to run into all the people I knew in HK (not a lot) on the streets of LKF…

If you want to get into a club… make sure you buy tickets ahead of time, or be prepared to pay to get in… (too many skimpy clothed, hot girls… so don’t think they’ll give you special treatment and let you in).  Unless you know the bouncer… then maybe they’ll let you in through the back door, but it’ll be really slim on Halloween night.

House party!

Girl with cat whiskers during Halloween in HK.  thesmoodiaries.com

Dinner before a rooftop house party & after hours clubbing!

Someone you know will know someone that’s a banker wanker who will be throwing a house party… Or someone will know someone that’s throwing a house party in their service apartment.  Always accept the invite, because HK house parties are pretty fun!

Halloween events @ Ocean Park, Disneyland, or the Peak.

These are the aforementioned events above.

If you’re up for an event on Halloween, but not necessarily clubbing or partying, then one of the Halloween events at a themed park or venue is the perfect choice for you.  If there is a special “beat the line” ticket, always chose that option as the queues can get ridiculously outrageous.

Have I missed out on a super cool event for Halloween in HK?  Let me know so I can be enlightened!